Need to Register to Vote in Houston? Look for a Taco Truck

Shaunacy Ferro
Rigsby Hull via Facebook
Rigsby Hull via Facebook / Rigsby Hull via Facebook

Houston’s would-be voters don’t need to look beyond their favorite lunch spot to register to vote. As part of a collaboration between the civic participation nonprofit Mi Familia Vota and the design firm Rigsby Hull, taco trucks in Houston are temporarily acting as voter registration hubs, as The Daily Dot reports.

When Latinos for Trump founder Marco Gutierrez told MSNBC in early September that without further action to curb immigration, there would be “taco trucks [on] every corner,” he unwittingly unleashed a opportunity for people who love tacos and people who love democratic processes to join forces.

The two Houston organizations came together as part of #GuacTheVote, an effort to assist voter turnout with the lure of tacos. Dozens of taco-slinging vehicles in the city are currently equipped with voter registration materials and information, allowing people to grab a delicious snack and get ready for November’s election at the same time. The registration drive runs until October 11, and Houston Public Media has the full list of participating trucks and their locations.

[h/t The Daily Dot]

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