Japan Prepares for Halloween With Black Garlic Doritos

Michele Debczak
Frito-Lay / Frito-Lay

Doritos now have a place in your vampire-hunting kit beside the wooden stakes and holy water. According to CNET, Frito-Lay has developed a new garlic variety of the classic chip for their Japanese market.

While the black color of the garlic pepper Doritos might appeal to Dracula, their funky flavor certainly would not. One bite of these chips transforms snackers into walking vampire repellant. And in case the theme wasn’t clear from the taste and look of the junk food, the packaging makes it apparent: a silhouette of a vampire snarls against a black background while bats swarm over the spooky scene beneath him.

The new Doritos aren’t the only vampire-themed food to come out of Japan this Halloween season. A fast food chain in the region recently introduced a cheeseburger with a monstrous bacon “tongue” served inside a cardboard coffin box.

[h/t CNET]

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