Who's the Chattiest Supporting Character on The Simpsons?


FOX’s The Simpsons airs its 600th installment on October 16, and the series has populated those episodes with almost as many supporting cast members—some of whom can be pretty talkative.

Software programmer Todd W. Schneider wanted to see which members of the Springfield troupe have been given the most lines. Using the show’s scripts through its first 26 seasons, he compiled a list of the chattiest players:

Despite infrequent appearances, Sideshow Bob has delivered nearly as many lines as Reverend Lovejoy and Doctor Hibbert; Rainier Wolfcastle appears to be one of the most stoic.

For the primary cast, it’s no surprise that Homer Simpson dominates the episodes. According to Schneider, he’s responsible for 21 percent of the 1.3 million words spoken throughout the series:

If you'd like to double-check Schneider's math, FXX will be airing all 600 episodes in a 13-day marathon beginning November 24.

[h/t /Film]