Man Makes Adorable Tiny Pancakes for Adorable Tiny Kitten

Shaunacy Ferro
Chase Stout via Twitter
Chase Stout via Twitter / Chase Stout via Twitter

When your partner goes out of town, sometimes you just need some special one-on-one with your pets. At least that was the case for Chase Stout, whose girlfriend recently went out of town, reminding him not to forget to feed their new kitten. Stout did one better, and made Mr. Wilson a fancy brunch of teeny-tiny pancakes, as we spotted over on The Daily Dot

Stout tweeted pictures of the meal, along with the text he sent to his girlfriend, but he assured BuzzFeed that the chocolate part was just a joke—he does know that chocolate is terrible for animals, yes. 

Chocolate chips or not, Mr. Wilson did seem to enjoy his pancakes. No word on whether this will become a weekend tradition.

[h/t The Daily Dot]

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