#FieldWorkScares Showcases Science’s Terrifying Side

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It’s not all white coats and Erlenmeyer flasks. Scientists risk their shoes, their pants, and often their lives in the field in order to get the data they need. This week they’re sharing some of their worst “Oh god, I’m going to die tonight,” fieldwork moments on Twitter. 

Wildlife biologist and cartoonist Arjun Srivathsa wasn’t the only one heeding the call of the wild:

Dani Rabaiotti studies climate change and has witnessed some strange weather …

… and rude awakenings

What scares scientists the most? A few themes have begun to emerge.

There are snakes:

The field itself:

But a consensus is building: fieldwork hell is other people.

Here's to the brave researchers putting themselves out there for science's sake. Stay safe out there, y'all.

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