In Japan, You Can Sip Classy Cocktails in a Ball Pit

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Ball pits aren’t just for kids anymore. Kotaku reports that a new bar recently opened in Osaka, Japan that replaces chairs, tables, and boring barstools with a massive wall-to-wall ball pit. The Ball Pool Bar Dive serves up cocktails in airtight mason jars (for maximum hipness and minimum spillage) and charges customers 60 or 90 minute all-you-can-drink rates.

Open to customers 20 years old and over (the legal drinking age in Japan), the Ball Pool Bar Dive is decorated with a handful of art prints, neon light strips, and a few television screens. But the main attraction of the small bar is, appropriately, the ball pit, which is filled with some 20,000 multi-colored plastic balls. Customers can sip drinks and play in the ball pit, toss around balloons, and swim up to the bar to refresh their drinks, making it the perfect place to relive a favorite childhood memory with a classy cocktail in hand.

[h/t Kotaku]