Sun Memories Lamp Records and Replays the Day’s Sunlight

Olive Lab // Facebook
Olive Lab // Facebook / Olive Lab // Facebook

While artificial light is practical and reliable, sunlight is constantly changing. It’s the reason why you can spend half an hour sitting in front of a sunset without getting bored. Now a new lamp, recently spotted by inhabitat, aims to capture the feel of natural lighting and recreate it in an indoor environment.

The Sun Memories Lamp from the Italian creative agency Olive Lab lets owners relive the light from a specific day long after the sun goes down. A wearable device “records” the color temperature and brightness of the wearer’s environment for up to six hours at a time. An app then allows users to log their data to a “sunlight recordings playlist” and replay it on their LED lamp anytime they please. They can even share specific “sun memories” to special people in their lives who own Sun Memories lamps of their own.

The product isn’t just a tool that brings natural lighting into the home—it’s a new way to record memories. Olive Lab writes on their website: “Have you ever dreamed if you could record the light of a bright sunset, the sunlight of a road trip you have planned for years, or just a special day of your life, and then relive it whenever you want? We did, and we made it possible.”

The Sun Memories Lamp recently debuted at the London Design Festival and you can follow Olive Lab on social media for future product details.

Olive Lab/ Facebook

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