‘Gravity Sketch’ App Mixes Art and Virtual Reality

Michele Debczak
Gravity Sketch/Kickstarter
Gravity Sketch/Kickstarter / Gravity Sketch/Kickstarter

Artists struggling to find inspiration might benefit from a session with Gravity Sketch. Instead of making computer animations by punching buttons on a keyboard, the technology allows users to fill the space around them with 3D designs.

The “paintbrushes” used by artists in this case are a pair of handheld controllers. When users wear a VR headset, they can use the devices to manipulate life-sized creations before their eyes. Their finished products can then be uploaded to a computer’s design program or sent to a 3D printer.

Ambitious doodlers aren’t the only people who might be interested in the tool—outside of the animation world, the program shows promise in the fields of fashion and automobile design. Gravity Sketch launched as a mobile app for iOS in March, and now the team behind it is turning to Kickstarter to develop versions for Windows, Mac, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift. The project seeks to raise $64,814 in funding by October 29. If the campaign is successful, backers who pledge $32 or more can expect to receive full access to Gravity Sketch Desktop and VR by December.

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