Watch a Water Sommelier Explain Why His Job Exists


Martin Riese doesn’t have to worry about not drinking enough water. He’s a certified water sommelier, spending his days tasting different kinds of H2O. He attends international water-tasting competitions, and can tell you all about the composition of different tap waters—because no water is “pure,” per se, and every kind has different levels of dissolved solids.

“It’s not just about taste; it’s even about my eyes and my nose,” he says in this short movie from MEL Films. He takes at least two sips when he’s tasting, one “as a normal person would do it” and one swishing it around his mouth to add oxygen and really evaluate the taste. He’s looking for distinctive water, like one “literally insane” variety, which he says tastes fruity and tropical. Again, these aren’t flavored beverages, just water.

Still don't get how anyone could make their life as an expert water drinker? Let Riese and his fellow water sommeliers explain the profession in the video above.

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