The 15 Highest-Paying Jobs That Require Only a Bachelor’s Degree

Anna Green
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Whether you’re choosing your major, entering your final year of college, or looking to start a new career, it’s good to know exactly what your bachelor’s degree can do for you. In order to show what kinds of doors your college education can open, Business Insider used the latest data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to create a list of the highest-paying jobs that require only a bachelor’s degree (no grad school necessary).

They found that many of the highest-paying jobs were in engineering and managerial positions. Chief executives and architectural or engineering managers, for instance, took the top two slots. Check out the top 15 highest-paying jobs below.

1. Chief Executives (Median annual wage: $175,110)
2. Architectural and Engineering Managers (Median annual wage: $132,800)
3. Computer and Information Systems Managers (Median annual wage: $131,600)
4. Petroleum Engineers (Median annual wage: $129,990)
5. Marketing Managers (Median annual wage: $128,750)
6. Natural Sciences Managers (Median annual wage: $120,160)
7. Financial Managers (Median annual wage: $117,990)
8. Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers (Median annual wage: $117,290)
9. Sales Managers (Median annual wage: $113,860)
10. Computer Hardware Engineers (Median annual wage: $111,730)
11. Compensation and Benefits Managers (Median annual wage: $111,430)
12. Purchasing Managers (Median annual wage: $108,120)
13. Aerospace Engineers (Median annual wage: $107,830)
14. Systems Software Developers (Median annual wage: $105,570)
15. Human Resources Managers (Median annual wage: $104,440)

[h/t Business Insider]