Crafty Photographer Creates a Working Oversized Camera Costume

Rebecca OConnell
Intructables / Intructables

If you're one of those people that spends a lot of time crafting the perfect Halloween costume, you're going to want to properly document the finished product—or have the finished product document things for you. The costume-centric holiday is a day-long photo-op, and a few years ago, Instructables user  discovered that instead of lugging his camera around, he could just wear it. In 2011, he created a fantastic camera costume that actually takes pictures. 

The giant DSLR camera was crafted out of simple products like Plexiglas, duct tape, and cardboard, and the resulting design sits comfortably over the torso, with the shutter button on the shoulder for easy access. Surprisingly, the whole project only cost $35 to make. If you want to create your own functional costume, you can see the whole tutorial here.

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