Ethan Allen Now Offers a Line of Disney-Inspired Furniture

Ethan Allen
Ethan Allen / Ethan Allen

Furniture retailer Ethan Allen is officially a Mickey Mouse operation. The brand recently announced a partnership with the Walt Disney Company that’s slated to bring a series of high-end (read: expensive) home decor options accented with some of the most popular children’s characters in the history of entertainment.

In design terms, that means a lot of furniture—including sofas, coffee tables, and ottomans—cut in the shape of, or emblazoned with, Mickey Mouse’s familiar silhouette. A set of coasters will run you $39, while an elaborate character chest is $1599. The full line doesn’t go on sale until November 18, but you can take a look at some of their pre-sale items below.

All images courtesy of Ethan Allen.

[h/t Inquisitr]

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