NYC Sculpture Park Welcomes Collection of Christopher Walken Busts

Michele Debczak

Christopher Walken is perhaps best known for his distinctive speaking style, but a new exhibit in Queens, New York pays tribute to the actor’s unmistakable mug. As Time Out New York reports, the installation titled "Monument to Walken" is now on display at the Socrates Sculpture Park.

Artist Bryan Zanisnik created the creepy concrete busts as an homage to the Queens native. In addition to the garden of perfectly coiffed heads sprouting up from the dirt, a comic in a display case nearby illustrates Walken’s history in the Astoria neighborhood where he grew up.

The monument is one of 15 exhibits highlighting the work of young artists as part of Socrates Sculpture Park's Emerging Artist Fellowship Exhibition [PDF]. Each installation, including the disembodied Walken heads, will be on display until March 13, 2017.

[h/t Time Out New York]

All images: Instagram

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