This LEGO Hair Bike Helmet Might Prevent Brain Trauma


Hopping on a pedal bike and cruising around town is a rite of passage for many children. But according to the Centers for Disease Control, less than half of riders from the ages of 5 to 14 wear a helmet.

Advertising agency DBB and Danish design firm MOEF are looking to change that. They’ve come up with a prototype bicycle helmet designed to look like the distinctive plastic hair sported by LEGO figures, according to Bored Panda.


The idea, according to DBB, is to create safety apparel that children will want to wear. (Considering the popularity of LEGO building among adults, they may want to consider larger sizes.) For now, the helmet is just a prototype but co-designer Simon Higby is petitioning for LEGO to take a look at the viability of mass-producing the helmets.

You can take a look at their entire design process below.

[h/t BoredPanda]