Halloween Costumes Up to Half Off For the Whole Family

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Halloween costumes can be pretty expensive for something you only wear once, but luckily for your wallet, Amazon is having a huge sale. The discounts cover outfits for the whole family—even your dog. The sale is only for today, so you need to think fast. Here are some of our favorite selections (or you can check out the full list here). 

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Zipper Front Cat Suit, Black, Small for $20.33 (list price $54.00)

Women's Star Wars Classic Deluxe Princess Leia Costume for $30.82 (list price $105.00)

Cozy Monkey Costume for $23.99 (list price $60.00)

Despicable Me 2 Female Minion Costume, Multicolor, Plus for $26.94 (list price $72.00)

Princess Belle Costume, Gold, Large for $105.49 (list price $219.99)

Basic Devil Costume,Multi,Small for $16.61 (list price $36.00)

Flapper Costume, Black, Small for $26.99 (list price $51.00)

Lethal Beauty Costume and Wig, Green, Small for $47.99 (list price $94.00)

Snow White Costume and Wig, Blue/Yellow, Large for $34.99 (list price $66.00)

Frozen Anna Traveling Prestige Adult Costume, Multi, Medium for $62.66 (list price $164.00)


Rogue Pirate Buccaneer Swashbuckler, Black/Red, Small for $31.99 (list price $68.00)Assassin's Creed 8 Piece Ezio Deluxe Deluxe Costume Cosplay, Grey, Small/Medium for $76.00 (list price $270.00)

Crocodile Costume All In One with Hood, Green, Large for $24.51 (list price $48.00)

Lee The Lion, Brown/Tan, One Size for $31.99 (list price $84.00)

4 Piece Policeman Costume, Black, Medium / Large for $31.99 (list price $84.00)

Last Laugh The Clown Set, Black/Red, One Size for $36.38 (list price $108.00)

Shrek Donkey Deluxe Costume, Grey, X-Large for $39.33 (list price $98.00)

Star Trek TNG Deluxe Command Uniform Costume & Phaser, Red, Medium for $42.49 (list price $86.70)

Robin Hood Costume, Dark Brown/Green, Medium for $109.49 (list price $179.99)

Patriotic Party Uncle Sam Halloween Costume, Multi, X-Large for $18.82 (list price $42.00)

Super Mario Raccoon Deluxe Costume, Red, X-Large for $51.49 (list price $112.00)


DC Superhero Girls Deluxe Wonder Woman Costume, Small for $19.99 (list price $36.99)

Ninjago LEGO Costume, Small/4-6 for $27.99 (list price $54.99)

Where The Wild Things Are Max Costume, Cream, 18-24 Months for $25.42 (list price $63.00)

Star Wars Child's Deluxe Luke Skywalker Costume, Small for $18.49 (list price $39.99)

Where The Wild Things Are Carol Costume, Brown/Orange, 18-24 Months for $24.99 (list price $63.00)

Storytime Wishes Cottage Princess Costume, Small for $12.29 (list price $19.99)

Disney Princess Ariel Dress for $12.99 (list price $19.99)

Elvis Presley Child Wig for $13.99 (list price $18.99)

Precious Piggy Costume, Pink, Small for $32.33 (list price $69.99)


Business Suit for Pet, Small for $14.36 (list price $19.95)

Despicable Me Minion Pet Costume, Small for $10.14 (list price $19.99)

Scooby-Doo The Mystery Machine Pet Suit, Medium for $22.22 (list price $33.95)

Star Wars R2-D2 Pet Costume for $10.37 (list price $17.98)

Marvel Universe Captain America Big Dog Boutique, XX-Large for $16.97 (list price $36.95)

Rubie's Lady Bug Pet Costume, Small for $7.57 (list price $16.99)

Star Wars Darth Vader Pet Costume, Large for $8.59 (list price $15.99)

Bunny Hoodie for Pet, Medium for $15.03 (list price $20.95)