Super Mario-Themed Airbnb Transports Guests to the Mushroom Kingdom

André Farinha/Airbnb
André Farinha/Airbnb / André Farinha/Airbnb

Nintendo offers dozens of ways to experience the world of Mario. Video game nerds can have the pint-sized plumber race go-karts, glide through space, or challenge Bowser to a few rounds of tennis. Now there’s a new way for fans to fully immerse themselves in the franchise without purchasing a virtual reality headset. They just have to be willing to book a flight to Lisbon, Portugal, where Airbnb host André Farinha has transformed a room in his apartment into a Nintendo-lover’s paradise, Mashable reports.

The space’s interior pays homage to Super Mario’s 30-plus-year history, from a wall depicting his origins in Donkey Kong (back when he was called "Jumpman") to a hard hat that references the 2015 game Super Mario Maker. A wall decorated with coins, goombas, and toadstools looks down onto a bedspread that’s been stitched with Mario’s iconic blue overalls and red shirt. The bathroom fully commits to the plumber theme, with green piping winding along the sky-blue walls.

Guests enamored with the entire Nintendo universe will be happy to hear that the theme doesn't stop with Super Mario. The room also features a Wii U, a display of amiibo characters, and a Nintendo 3DS stand where guests can play The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Farinha, a 32-year-old computer game programmer and self-described “major nerd,” spent roughly €10,000 (over $11,000 US) designing the space. Travelers passing through Lisbon can experience it themselves for just $39 a night. If the room happens to be booked for the dates you had in mind, Farinha also has two additional rooms available for rent, including some equally nerdy Star Wars-themed digs.

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All images courtesy of André Farinha // Airbnb.

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