Pocky sticks appeal to kids and grown-ups alike, but a classy version of the Japanese treat is being marketed exclusively at an older clientele. As RocketNews24 reports, snack manufacturer Glico plans to release a whiskey-flavored line of their beloved Pocky sticks later this month.

The boozy variety, dubbed Adult Amber (Otona no Kohaku in Japanese), looks like the traditional chocolate-covered pretzel stick. The dough has been flavored with malt extract reminiscent of fermented mash and dusted with fine salt that adds a layer of complexity. The final touch is a coating of bitter chocolate infused with a whisky aroma.

The product is designed to pair well with alcohol, and it even comes in a package that resembles a high-end liquor bottle. Adult Amber received its first launch last November before Glico’s inventory quickly ran dry. The snack sticks will once again be available in limited supply this time around (about 300,000 boxes in total) and will be sold exclusively through Amazon Japan starting October 25. The boxes can be preordered for $9.70, which should give snack-lovers ample time to plan the perfect booze and candy tasting menu for Halloween.

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