Spiderweb Gun Instantly Makes Any House Twice as Spooky

Rebecca OConnell
Oddity Mall / YouTube
Oddity Mall / YouTube / Oddity Mall / YouTube
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Any Halloween lover knows that cobwebs are a staple in haunted houses. When spook-ifying your home, getting just the right dusting of spider webs is key; the only problem is that store-bought webs can be a real pain to put up. From unbagging them to stretching them out, getting a convincing cobweb going can be more trouble than it's worth. Thankfully, there's the Webcaster: a handy tool that turns hot glue sticks into beautifully creepy webs.

The device looks and works just like a normal glue gun. Simply load in the special glue stick, connect to an air compressor, and pull the trigger. There are two types to choose from: One attaches to an air-compressor and the other, cheaper option attaches to a shop vacuum. The gun's sticks come in white, black, and orange. (They don't come with the gun so you need to buy them separately.) Once you're finished with your fancy collection of cobwebs, they can be easily cleaned off with a wet towel. 

[h/t Oddity Mall]