This Table Lets You Stare Into the Ocean Depths Over Coffee

Shaunacy Ferro

Sitting down on your couch could be as contemplative as staring into the depths of the ocean with this coffee table created by the UK studio Duffy London. Called the Abyss Horizon, the table—spotted by Design Milk—mimics a topographical cross-section of the ocean, with islands and underwater canyons.

It’s not a map of any specific place on the seafloor, but the relief-based design evokes the varied topology of the world at the bottom of the ocean. Don't worry; there's a glass top, so your coffee mug won't fall to the bottom of the ocean.

The Abyss Horizon took a year to develop, and is made of hand-crafted wood. It has a limited run of just 12 pieces, each made to order, and will be on display at various design shows this fall in London, New York, and Miami.

[h/t Design Milk]

All images courtesy Duffy London

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