Play Tunes on These Specially Marked Wine Glasses

Rebecca OConnell
UncommonGoods / UncommonGoods
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As many a child has realized during a fancy dinner, crystal glasses make a ringing noise when a bored diner runs a wet finger around the rim. Similarly to blowing into a beer bottle, the act usually only produces one note, but with a little strategy, you can make a whole song. These special crystal wine glasses from UncommonGoods have markings on them to show different notes. Simply pour enough wine (or grape juice) to the indicated lines to produce the right notes.

This party trick is sure to turn your party guests into a full band. You can purchase a set of two or eight glasses, depending on how committed you are to recreating the talent show scene from Miss Congeniality (2000). You can also download some helpful sheet music to get you started: [PDF].

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