Golden Girls Action Figures Take Over Comic Con

Funko / Funko

In recent Marvel mutant film Deadpool, the title character sports a tank top featuring the likeness of Bea Arthur. According to actor Ryan Reynolds, who also produced the film, it cost $10,000 to acquire Arthur’s likeness for that short scene. It must have taken another considerable effort to arrange the late actress’s more recent tribute: being immortalized as an action figure.


This week, collectibles giant Funko unveiled a set of all four leading characters from The Golden Girls, the hugely successful NBC sitcom that aired from 1985 to 1992 and co-starred Arthur as perpetually-exasperated Dorothy Zbornak, a divorcee who shares her Florida home with her mother, Sophia, and friends Rose and Blanche.

The debut coincided with New York Comic Con, one of the bigger pop culture fan festivals. According to Decider, visitors to the Javits Center in Manhattan have been making a beeline for Funko’s booth, where the four-pack of the nearly 4-inch toys are being sold. Funko’s director of marketing, Mark Robben, said that the nostalgia factor has earned them mentions on Good Morning America and Live with Kelly, adding to the demand. And the $24.99 set is already fetching up to $279 on eBay.

If you’re not at the convention, there’s still hope: Target is expected to offer the toys at their stores in the near future. You’ll also be able to find the Girls depicted in Funko’s trademark Pop! style. Cheesecake not included.


[h/t Elle]