New Law Aims to Transform Paris Into an Urban Jungle

Michele Debczak
iStock / iStock

Parisians can now exercise their green thumbs within city limits, thanks to a law passed by the French capital this summer. As inhabitat reports, the ordinance allows citizens to plant gardens on walls, fences, rooftops, and other spaces around the city.

With a three-year permit, any Paris resident can become an urban gardener. The initiative does include a few stipulations: Citizens taking part must adopt sustainable practices, foster biodiversity, abstain from using pesticides, and maintain any gardens they decide to plant.

Once all that’s been agreed to, participants are encouraged to get creative. Officials dole out “planting kits” with seeds and topsoil that Parisians can then use to kick-start a garden in front of their home or office. From flowering window boxes to rooftop vegetable plots, the possibilities are wide open.

The goal of Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is to cultivate 100 hectares of green walls and roofs within the city by 2020. Paris is the latest city to pursue the numerous benefits of urban greenery; an abundance of green spaces in cities has been linked to longer lifespans in women and decreased aggression in kids.

[h/t inhabitat]

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