Dubai Breaks Ground on World's Tallest Tower

Jake Rossen
Emaar Properties
Emaar Properties / Emaar Properties

As of today, the Tokyo Sky Tree in Japan stands as the world’s tallest tower structure. The 2080-foot-tall construct, which opened in 2012, is said to be able to withstand 8.0 magnitude earthquakes, thanks to a shinbashira, or a central pendulum that acts as a counterbalance to the natural sway of the tower. If Dubai-based Emaar Properties and Dubai Holding have their way, that record won’t stand for long.

According to Business Insider, construction is set to begin on the Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour, an adjunct to a nearby residential area. Although no dimensions have been announced yet, Dubai said the structure is expected to surpass the Sky Tree to become the world’s tallest tower.

As defined by Guinness World Records, a tower differs from a skyscraper when it comes to usable floor space: a tower typically has 50 percent or less of its total height allocated for occupation. The largest skyscraper, the 2722-foot-tall Burj Kalifa, is also in Dubai, although UAE officials said the new tower will be even larger.

The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour is expected to open in 2020.

[h/t Business Insider]