Egypt Welcomes Its First Solar-Powered Village

Michele Debczak

There’s no shortage of sunlight pouring into Egypt each year. Now, inhabitat reports that a village in Bahariya Oasis is putting that excess energy to good use.

The Tayebat Workers Village serves as the west Egypt campus for the solar technology company KarmSolar. The structures that house the base’s 350 occupants are meant to look discreet. Rather than bringing in foreign materials to construct the site, the company decided to use locally sourced sandstone. The choice made for a sustainable building process while creating a look that blends seamlessly with the surrounding desert environment.

The feature that makes the village distinct from any other in Egypt is the integration of solar technology. Photovoltaic solar panels crown the traditional-looking buildings, generating power for residents as well as providing thermal roof protection. The project is just one attempt to utilize the power of the Egyptian desert sun: a $3.5 billion plan to build solar plants in the region was announced earlier this year.

[h/t inhabitat]

All images: KarmSolar/Instagram

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