Show Off Your Country Pride With These Foodie Maps

Alvin Ward
Jodi Ettenberg
Jodi Ettenberg / Jodi Ettenberg

From Italy's cannolis to Mexico's guacamole, each country's most renowned cuisine is delightfully unique. Now, you can celebrate international flavors with special map designs that come printed on shirts, totes, and posters. Former lawyer and current writer and designer Jodi Ettenberg created a number of different food maps that pay tribute to the foods found around the world.

"I designed these maps as a loving ode to cuisine, travel and art," Ettenberg told mental_floss in an email.

Each design is hand-drawn by Ella F. Sanders. So far, the duo has designed maps for Mexico, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand, and Portugal—each in black or white. Ettenberg says she plans to expand to other countries soon. You can check out the whole collection here.