See the BBC's Vintage Instructions for Knitting the Perfect Doctor Who Scarf

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Every incarnation of the titular character on the BBC’s long-running Doctor Who has had their own fashion sense, from bow ties to leather jackets to the occasional fez. No accessory has been more memorable, however, than the seemingly endless scarf sported by fourth doctor Tom Baker from 1974 to 1981.

Naturally, kids wanted one of their own—and apparently wrote in to the network with enough regularity that the BBC decided to strike up a standard memo in order to have something to send them.


An image on Deviant Art—via Open Culture—reveals the company's response to a fan’s plea for knitting instructions for the scarf, likely sent off in the early 1980s. Reflecting the majestic appearance of the warmer (which even has its own fan page), the sheet calls for 26 balls of wool in seven different colors, knitted in a very specific order, and of course, a precise needle gauge. While you can buy replica scarves anywhere, Who fans with some knitting skill might now be tempted to craft their own. Just try not to trip on it.

[h/t Open Culture]
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