A Crochet Carousel Turns an Art Exhibition Into a Playground

Shaunacy Ferro

The Polish-born crochet artist Olek, who completely crochet-bombed two houses in Scandinavia this summer, has turned her crafty attentions to even more complicated structures. For Magic City, a street art exhibition in Dresden, Germany, she crocheted a merry-go-round.

She was inspired by a quote from the middle-grade novel A Small Free Kiss in the Dark by Australian author Glenda Millard: "Wars come and wars go. Things change, but the carousel is always here. It reminds people of the good times." Olek’s latest work has focused on the plight of refugees fleeing from war.

The sparkly pink-and-gold carousel is covered in flowers and hearts. The characters are slightly psychedelic, with pink elephants and scattered mushrooms wedged in between horses and swans.

The “carousel is like life,” Olek says in a statement emailed to mental_floss. “You never know for how long is it going to spin for.” As far as we can tell, though, you're not allowed to go for a ride on this one.

Magic City is open until January 17.

All images courtesy Olek.

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