High-Tech Paper Rolls Up Into a Functioning Torch


Takeo has been producing fine paper in Japan since it was established in 1899, but the manufacturer recently embarked on a project that veered away from its traditional roots: As engadget reports, the company teamed up with the printable circuits start-up AgIC to create a sheet of paper that doubles as an adjustable flashlight.

The Paper Torch is the most recent capsule collection from the product development platform Design of Things. The project uses printed circuits to achieve the simple and unique design. When the sheet is rolled up the circuits appear to react, creating shortcuts and delivering more power to the light bulb. The amount of light dispersed varies based on how tightly the torch is rolled.

Printed circuits have been used to create paper-thin lights in the past: In July we highlighted a bookmark produced by another Japanese design firm that transforms into a reading light when bent. The Paper Torch looks like it produces a lot more illuminating power, but consumers will have to wait a while before getting their hands on one. A crowdfunding campaign for the concept is set to launch in Japan in mid-November.

[h/t engadget]

All images: Twitter

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