Explore Pluto With a Geographically Accurate Desk Globe

Michele Debczak

My Science Shop

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft gathered some groundbreaking data about Pluto during its flyby last year. Now the images snapped on the journey have been used to create the first-ever geographically correct globe of the dwarf planet, Astronomy Magazine recently announced.

The 12-inch globe, produced by members of the magazine’s editorial team, includes more than 65 labeled features from Pluto’s surface. The body’s many craters, mountains, dunes, and frozen plains are there to explore.

Not every square mile of Pluto’s surface has been captured in high resolution, so areas where information is lacking are either shown blank or with less clarity. But according to the product description, “a large percentage” of the globe displays the stunning detail recorded during the historic New Horizons mission.

The custom-produced Pluto globe is now available for purchase through My Science Shop for $99.95. If you’re looking for more astronomy-themed decor to add to your office or home, the Earth's Moon has also been given the globe treatment.

[h/t Astronomy Magazine]

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