All the President's Cocktails Coloring Book Showcases Oval Office Drinking Habits

W Hotels
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Adults who love to get a little rowdy and do some coloring have plenty of options to choose from, whether you’re looking to trace designs from your favorite fantasy worlds or want to dive into the world of a Chuck Palahniuk story. Now, history buffs have a new option for their color-coded de-stressing: a presidential coloring book. And it’s “adult” as in "adult beverages."

All the President's Cocktails, an adult coloring book by the luxury W Hotels, invites you to take a breather from this year’s stressful race to hearken back to the days when Abe Lincoln was sipping cucumber mocktails and JFK was downing daiquiris portside.

W Hotels

The book, illustrated by Brooklyn-based artist Lindsay Mound, takes a few liberties with presidential history, depicting Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a tattooed bartender and George Washington as a 21st century hipster swilling Old Fashioneds at a small-batch distillery. (Let's not denigrate the size of Mount Vernon's spirit supply—the estate produced 10,000 gallons of whiskey a year, in fact.)

It includes 12 illustrations of presidents and their corresponding cocktails, with recipes so that you can drink along. But there’s a catch. If you want to ease your election-season agitation by doing some alcohol-fueled shading-in of political booze history, you’ll have to book a room. The coloring book comes with a reservation for the W’s EWOW Suite and is only available for stays between October 28 and the big day, November 8.

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