This LEGO Candy-Tossing Bot Makes Halloween Easier

Jake Rossen
JK Brickworks via YouTube
JK Brickworks via YouTube / JK Brickworks via YouTube

Not all of us are delighted by the line of demanding children that shows up to our door on Halloween night. If you’re someone who deliberates whether to even keep the porch light on, we may have a solution.

LEGO brick craftsman Jason Allemann recently posted instructions for building a LEGO candy-launching device that promises to attend to trick-or-treaters while you remain free to sleep or watch horror movies on Netflix.

Allemann used LEGO’s Mindstorms EV3 kit to craft the gizmo, which will toss a small, bite-sized piece of candy when a visitor triggers its motion sensor. A gravity feed keeps a continuous supply of candy ready for the piston arm to lob.

And if you're looking for more of Allemann's masterpieces, the craftsman has also designed an automated drawing machine and an Easter egg-decorating bot.

[h/t Gizmodo]

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