Mississippi County Bans Clown Costumes Until After Halloween

Kirstin Fawcett
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Still searching for a Halloween costume? You probably shouldn’t draw inspiration from the creepy clown phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation, especially if you live in Kemper County, Mississippi. According to the Kemper County Messenger, the Board of Supervisors passed an ordinance earlier this week making it illegal for people of all ages to step outside in a clown costume, a clown mask, or even clown makeup until November 1. Break the law, and you’ll face a fine up to $150.

By now, unusual clown sightings have been reported in dozens of states across America—and Kemper County officials don't want their home region to be next, or for the upcoming holiday to incite any panic. The phenomenon "has really gotten out of hand," the Messenger quoted Kemper County Board President Johnny Whitsett as saying. If local residents happened to spot a clown hanging out in their own yards, “it wouldn’t be good.”

Hopefully, members of the World Clown Association don’t live in Kemper County—or else they will be out of a job until November.

[h/t Time]

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