KFC Food Scientists Unveil the Chizza, a Chicken-Pizza Mashup

Jake Rossen
Esuteru / Esuteru

At one point, KFC was one of the greatest fast-service chicken franchises in the world. Then, a series of advertising missteps—like a rapping Colonel Sanders—and competition from upstart chains like Chick-fil-A knocked it off its perch.

The company has managed to turn its ailing fortunes around over the past year by enlisting a succession of actors—including Norm Macdonald and George Hamilton—to portray the Colonel and retraining employees on proper methods of food preparation. There’s also an ambitious plan to remodel 70 percent of its 3000-plus U.S. restaurants over the next three years. But the core of its appeal remains chicken, and the brand is hoping it can reinvent its menu thanks to additions like the Chizza.

KFC Japan

A mash-up of chicken and pizza, the Chizza is a breaded chicken breast slathered in marinara sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and peppers. The result is probably something close to a chicken parm dish without the pasta, though we’ll probably have to wait for international food bloggers to weigh in. The Chizza is currently only available in the Philippines and India, with Japan expected to launch the item November 1.

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