The World's Largest Flip Books Are in a New Hampshire Forest


The world’s largest mechanical flip books are located in an unexpected place: at a summer camp in the forests of Strafford, New Hampshire, WIRED reports.

The mechanical sculptures, called “Universal Play Machines,” were created by Mobile Studio Architects and are filled with the sketches and images by the attendees of the maker-focused Beam Camp. They work with a giant mechanical arm that the campers turned to bring their illustrations to life. Many of the animations were inspired by the forest setting, featuring trees and birds.

The flip books are about as tall as the teenage campers who designed and operated them. They have one-way mirrors on their exterior sides, and the insides are lined with lights, so they reflect the forest during the day and glow from the inside at night.

[h/t WIRED]

All images by Emily Wilson courtesy of Beam Camp

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