Converse Releases a Waterproof Chuck Taylor All Star II

Rebecca OConnell
Converse / Nike
Converse / Nike / Converse / Nike

As many stubborn sneaker wearers can attest, winter is often a time for soggy and numb feet—but that might be changing for those who are reluctant to sacrifice their normal footwear for something more practical. We've got two words for all you Converse sneaker-philes who refuse to don anything off-brand: waterproof Chucks.

Since unveiling the Chuck Taylor II last year, Converse has been hard at work creating new spins on their iconic shoe. Their latest venture is the 2016 Converse Counter Climate Boots Collection, which features a line of waterproof sneakers. Each shoe is made with water-repellent canvas, rubber, mesh-backed waterproof leather, and a neoprene sleeve. Despite their sleek appearance, the sneakers promise to keep feet toasty and dry.

It makes sense that people don't want to sacrifice their Chuck Taylors, even in the colder months. The shoes are nearly 100 years old and remain a fashionable staple. You can shop around for a pair of the winter-ready boots on Nike's website.

[h/t Daily Hive]

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