Share Animal Illustrations and Fun Facts With These Colorable Postcards

Rebecca OConnell

Sharing trivia with friends has never been easier in our age of social media, but there's still something charming about sending something through the mail. Amazing Animal Facts—previously a book and now a box of cards—allows you to send info-packed notes to your friends and family. The postcards feature animal-related facts along with illustrations by Sweden-based artist Maja Säfström.

The box set, which includes 50 cards, has five categories to choose from: sea, forest, field, jungle, and sky. Each card is dedicated to a different animal and comes with one to five different facts about the species. (For example, did you know that blue whales have belly buttons?) As a fun twist, all the cards are in black and white, so you can customize and color them to your liking. Once you finish coloring and adding a personal note, you can apply a stamp and pop it in the mail.

You can grab one of these sets on Amazon for $20.

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