Fortune Telling Glass Has the Answers to Life's Toughest Questions

Rebecca OConnell
UncommonGoods // iStock
UncommonGoods // iStock / UncommonGoods // iStock
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If you're plagued with a tough decision but feel silly looking to a Magic Eight Ball for help, maybe the answer lies at the bottom of your glass. This tumbler from UncommonGoods contains a familiar-looking die embedded at its base that promises to give you answers to all of life's most pressing questions.

To get started, ask your glass a question as you fill it up with your drink of choice. Once the cup is drained, you can see what answer has been waiting for you at the bottom all along. It's worth mentioning that we don't necessarily recommend depending on this unreliable fortune teller for really big decisions like say, buying a house. Instead, ask your clairvoyant glass if you need another drink. Hopefully it will generously reply: "Signs points to yes."

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