This Rocky Horror House Light Show Wins Halloween


Watch the above video and you might suddenly feel very self-conscious about your halfhearted attempts at pumpkin carving.

The elaborate, synchronized light display—which features flickering scenes and a soundtrack from The Rocky Horror Picture Show—is part of Riverside, California resident Kevin Judd’s annual Halloween extravaganza. Every season, he installs an LED presentation on a residential property for the amusement of locals. The Rocky Horror theme follows his 2015 effort, which featured pumpkins singing Ray Parker, Jr.’s Ghostbusters theme:

Judd began staging the displays in 2008, garnering an audience of just a few residents on his block. But in 2011, videos of his displays began going viral, and thousands of spectators started showing up to enjoy the show. This created a bit of a problem with the local Homeowner’s Association, which didn’t particularly appreciate the blocked driveways and discarded trash. But: singing pumpkins!

If you want to try and emulate his work, you’re in luck: Judd heads up Creative Lighting Displays, a business devoted to helping other lighting enthusiasts design and program the presentations.

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