Google’s Halloween Doodle Lets You Fight Ghosts as a Black Cat

Michele Debczak
Google / Google

In past years, Google’s Halloween-themed doodles have featured witches, pumpkins, and the artwork of Wes Craven. The web giant has outdone itself this year with an interactive homage to spookiness that allows players to fend off ghosts as a magical cat, Geek reports.

The star of the game is Momo: a big-eyed black cat studying at a magic academy. When the school is threatened by an invasion of malicious ghosts, Momo steps in to defeat them. Players cast spells by dragging their mouse across the screen to match the corresponding symbols above the ghosts’ heads; symbols get more complicated as each level progresses, with some ghosts having more than one.

The game only has five levels, so hopefully it won’t be as much of a global time-waster as Google’s Pac-Man doodle from 2010. If you’re looking for more ways to distract yourself this Halloween, Google's list of top trending costumes is one internet rabbit hole worth exploring.

[h/t Geek]

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