You Can Now Buy a LEGO Set Based on ‘Yellow Submarine’ by The Beatles

Rebecca OConnell
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It's been nearly 50 years since the release of the 1968 film Yellow Submarine, but LEGO fans can recreate the classic flick in their own homes with a set based on the movie. It includes over 550 pieces that form a 9-inch long submarine when assembled—housing a cockpit large enough to hold the accompanying Fab Four minifigs.

Other features include four rotating periscopes, two rotating propellers, and an adjustable rudder. Each minifig has a personal item: John's telescope, Paul's ‘Love' tile, Ringo's round ‘half a hole' tile, George's submarine motor, and Jeremy's apple. The submarine can be perched on a transparent LEGO display stand or remain free for sea exploration.

The project is the result of another successful LEGO Ideas campaign. After collecting support from over 10,000 users starting in May 2015, user kevinszeto's project was approved and put into production. You can get the submarine and all The Beatles on Amazon for $86.70.

[h/t NME]