Encode Rings Transform Three Seconds of Speech Into a Unique Piece of Jewelry

Michele Debczak
Encode Ring
Encode Ring / Encode Ring

When given to the right person at the right time, a piece of jewelry can speak volumes. With an Encode Ring, the message you’re trying to convey to your loved one will come across loud and clear: Instead of flashy gemstones or engraved terms of endearment adorning the ring, the design features sound waves tracing three seconds of heartfelt speech.

According to My Modern Met, each ring from the Japanese startup is custom-made. Buyers can record their message on the company’s website and see what their ring would look like in platinum, silver, stainless steel, and stainless or 18-karat gold. Because of the unique inflections in our voices, no two designs are identical. So while a ring engraved with the words "I love you" might feel cliché, an Encode Ring that communicates the same thing feels incredibly personal.

The design isn’t limited to regular speech: As long as the duration is less than three seconds, the sound of your dog’s bark, your child’s laugh, or crashing waves at the beach are all fair game. You can custom order a ring of your own with prices starting at about $125 (12,960 yen).

[h/t My Modern Met]