Man Finds His Wedding Ring Around a Carrot Three Years After Losing It

Michele Debczak
iStock / iStock

Lost wedding rings have been recovered from some pretty remarkable places: the bottom of the ocean, an old toilet, and a 10-ton pile of trash to name a few. When an 82-year-old German man lost his wedding band three years ago, he didn’t have to assemble a search party to find it. All he had to do was wait until a carrot from his garden delivered it back to him.

As the AP reports, the man lost his ring shortly after celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary. The valuable piece of jewelry was nowhere to be found, but his wife insisted that it would turn up eventually.

Sadly, she passed away six months ago, but the husband was recently reminded of her optimism when the lost ring literally sprouted up from the ground. After the band stayed embedded in the dirt for years, a carrot apparently grew through it and unearthed it when it was picked from his garden. We’d say that’s a once-in-a-lifetime story if the same thing hadn’t happened five years ago in Sweden.

[h/t AP]