Marvel and DC Formal Wear Is Here /

Have you ever wanted to attend a formal dinner party or wedding dressed as Iron Man but were afraid of the social implications? The geek clothiers at may have a solution. They’re now offering a line of suits designed to mimic the costumes of some of Marvel and DC Comics’s biggest attractions.

Here's the runway version of Tony Stark's alter ego:

Slick, no? A back shot of Batman:

The sublimated costume patterns are laid over polyester and come with a complementary bow tie. The Man of Steel cut also comes with a cotton undershirt that displays his trademark emblem:

If you’d prefer a more subtle nod to your fandom, is also offering a line of suits that have comic panels and imagery printed on their interiors:

The suits, priced at $249.99 for adult sizes and $169.99 for child sizes, are available for pre-order. Dry clean only.

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