Introducing a Travel Mug That Makes K-Cup Coffee

AnyCafé / AnyCafé

It only takes a few minutes for a Keurig machine to brew a fresh cup of coffee, but every second counts during the morning rush. Soon, you might not need to choose between getting your caffeine fix and making it to work on time: As Real Simple reports, a company called AnyCafé has created a travel mug that brews single-serve pods on-the-go.

The BPA-free, battery-powered Travel Brewer works similarly to a K-cup machine: Simply open the lid, pour in some water, and stick a coffee pod inside. Then, close the mug’s lid and press a button. Voila—instant, fresh coffee. And if your beverage gets cold, the travel mug can reheat your brew for you.

The Travel Brewer, which is looking for funding on Kickstarter, holds nearly 10 ounces and is compatible with most K-cup brands. It also works with tea bags. (In the future, the company wants to create an eco-friendly mug that uses coffee grounds or loose tea leaves.) The dishwasher-safe mug does need a charged battery to work, however, so your alacrity in the morning depends on a bit of foresight the night before.

[h/t Real Simple]