Bruce Pascal is one toy enthusiast who never outgrew his love of Hot Wheels—and his passion has paid off. Today, the collection of 3500 toy cars Pascal has amassed since age 7 is worth over $1 million.

In the below video from Barcroft TV, Pascal shows off a home office that would make many kids jealous. The tiny toy cars are kept in cases lining the walls and life-sized versions of Hot Wheels's iconic orange tracks curve up toward the ceiling. One piece in his collection, a rare pink Volkswagen Bus from 1969, is worth more than most actual cars at $150,000. According to Pascal it’s the most valuable Hot Wheels toy ever made.

Even if you didn’t start collecting Hot Wheels until the 1990s, there might still be some hidden gems buried in your closet. Cars from 1995’s Treasure Hunt line are hot ticket items today, with original box sets selling for up to $1550.

[h/t Sploid]