Keep Phones Charged With an Adorable Animal Companion

Rebecca OConnell
amazon / istock
amazon / istock / amazon / istock
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Phones can do just about anything these days—except hold a decent charge. In lieu of constantly hunting down outlets, many opt for external batteries and power banks, and now, you can charge up with an impossibly cute animal from electronics company EMIE.

The canine power banks—which sport pointy ears and a little snout—even come packaged in blue cardboard dog houses. If that's not already making you swoon, they also have little jackets for cold weather.

Each power bank comes with a USB power cord and is compatible with most smartphones. It delivers a current up to 2.1 amp, and has special protections to keep from overcharging or overheating. There are LED lights in the ears that flash different colors to let the user know how much power is left: When the light is red, there's plenty of power, but when the light is green, it's time to recharge.

The doggy power banks come in white or yellow. If pups aren't your animal of choice, EMIE makes cat batteries as well. All the power banks are about $30 to $36, but today they're 20 percent off with the code EMIEOFFO.