The World's Countries Swapped According to Their Population

Alvin Ward

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As any resident of New York or Tokyo could tell you, a lot of people can squeeze into some small bits of land. While some countries have rather dense populations, others offer a bit more breathing room. To better illustrate the populations of different countries, Imgur user JPalmz decided to scramble the world map so that each country's population was reflected by its corresponding mass of land. That means China, the most populated country, has been moved to the largest land mass, Russia.

You can see how all the different countries have found new homes that better accommodate their size in the map above. Interestingly, the United States, Yemen, Brazil, and Ireland didn't have to move at all because their land size and population rankings matched.

"All of the data is publicly available on Wikipedia, I just wanted to make it more visually presentable," the creator told indy100.

[h/t Amazing Maps]

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