You Can Buy Cory's House From Boy Meets World

Shaunacy Ferro

TGIF fans can now own a little piece of TV history—the house that Cory Matthews lived in. While the interior shots on Boy Meets World were studio sets, the establishing exterior shots of the Matthews’s abode in Philadelphia were actually filmed at a house in Los Angeles that’s now up for sale.

The two-bedroom, two-bath home is located in Studio City, a Los Angeles neighborhood that’s home to plenty of celebrities, as well as the CBS Studio Center, where the latter seasons of the show were shot. The listing describes it as a “private gated celebrity estate.”

The interior might not look exactly like the house you saw on television, but some features are reminiscent of the make-believe Matthews residence; there's an exterior patio like the one Cory and Shawn played basketball on, and a somewhat similar kitchen aesthetic. But an L.A. pad with ties to television will cost you. It’s listed at close to $1.6 million.

All images courtesy Estately.