You Still Have a Chance to Grab an NES Classic This Week

Rebecca OConnell
Nintendo / iStock
Nintendo / iStock / Nintendo / iStock
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If you're looking to tap into some fond childhood memories, look no further than the triumphant return of the Nintendo Entertainment System. The new console—called the NES Classic—is just like the original, but smaller and pre-loaded with 30 games. While this piece of throwback technology is in high demand (most of the 8-bit consoles sold out immediately), Walmart still has some in stock, and they're selling them in tiny batches each night.

According to their Facebook page, the retailer will be selling the NES Classic each evening starting at 5 p.m. EST for $59.96 until Friday. That means rabid Nintendo fans can hang around this page and refresh until the consoles come back in stock. Currently, the price listed shows how much they cost from third-party sellers, which gives you an idea of just how in demand these puppies are.

The NES Classic comes with 30 games (listed here) and a single controller. At the moment, extra controllers are completely sold out, but who knows, maybe Walmart will have a flash sale for those too.

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