1-Year-Old Gets a Custom-Built Space Shuttle for His Birthday

Shaunacy Ferro

A lucky little boy got an out-of-this-world birthday present celebrating his first year on Earth. In a set of images posted to Imgur, a father describes building a custom space shuttle for his 1-year-old’s birthday, as spotted by Boing Boing.

The handy dad built the cupboard-sized spaceship with some laser-cutting help from his sister, who studies architecture, loading up the structure with a joystick and some LED lights for the galactic journey.

The back of the ship reads “Eamon Space Agency,” named after the little boy, and it might already be due for an expansion. According to the post, the doorway was originally two inches taller than the birthday boy's head, but since the original design was completed, he’s grown tall enough to need to duck under it. Hopefully, these parents are saving up for future space camp plans.

All other parents, you may want to revise your holiday gift plans.

[h/t Boing Boing]

All images courtesy revmuun via Imgur